MC Velo


We’ve spent a lot of time (on and off the bike) thinking about what we could package as something special beyond our weekly riding schedule for all of you.

It’s fair to say that we didn’t want this be just another ‘offer’ or gimmick and have put a lot of thought into the process.

We are excited about MC VELO - a combined riding and social MC membership bringing together a package of discounted priority bike servicing and benefits, rides and events.

You currently enjoy our weekly rides and helpful store service, we want MC VELO to be your opportunity to get more out of the great cycling community based around MC.


  • An exclusive jersey each year.
  • The ‘MC VELO Scheduled Servicing Plan’.
  • The Servicing Plan also includes free pickup for MC VELO Members.
  • Service priority, same day.
  • Fortnightly MC exclusive Sunday long rides, with support.


  • Discount on all store purchases (bikes, merchandise)
  • 48 hour early-bird sales access.
  • Monthly in-store events and socials.
  • Priority Places on all MC Travel Events
  • Access to the MC VELO ‘Lounge’ for indoor training and consultations.

For further enquiries, email us today at

Click here to join and/or buy MC VELO kit.

MC VELO is an inclusive membership open to all, and doesn’t replace our regular weekly riding schedule.

MC VELO membership does not include any bike, public indemnity, or 3rd Party insurance cover. We recommend you organise bike-related insurance through your Cycling Australia Affiliated Club Membership or though a reputable cycling-specific insurer.