Avanti Discovery 1 MY21

Avanti Discovery 1 MY21

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The Discovery range of bikes are all built around a total comfort concept. Lightweight frames with an upright ride position take the pressure off your hands and wrists. Powerful and smooth disc brakes provide controlled braking in any situation. Suspension forks, seat post and super comfy saddles smooth out the bumps in the road/path. Adjustable angle stems mean the handlebars can be raised up for an even more comfortable riding experience.

Key features:

  • Lightweight, upright and stable frame for easy and assured riding

  • Powerful disc brakes for controlled braking, rain, hail or shine

  • The wide and comfy saddle combine with a suspension seat post, for a magic carpet ride

  • Kenda's fast-rolling and grippy tyres are perfectly tuned to the city streets and bike paths, but equally at home on a rail trail

  • Shimano 21-speed components for gearing options on even the steepest of hills

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