Riding - Basic Tips


  • SIGNAL HAZARDS - If you see a hazard which would affect the line or momentum of the bunch it is your responsibility to signal to following riders, with subsequent riders continuing the signal further down the group.
  • ENSURE – that you act on the calls made by the Designated Ride Leaders and indicate obstructions or hazzards early enough to allow those behind you to react in good time and pass it on – e.g. it is zero use you pointing at or calling “pothole” as you skirt around it  only for the riders behind you to ride straight into it…..think ahead.
  • INDICATE YOUR INTENTIONS - This lets riders around you know what you are doing
  • DO be alert to your surroundings and keep your head and eyes up.
  • DON’T “half-wheel” or overlap the person riding beside you, as this will potentially result in others behind you doing the same thing and cause the bunch to be uneven this is a very common cause of crashes.
  • DON’T use Aero Or TT Bars when bunch riding – you simply can’t get to your brakes fast enough if needed immediately and turning range is compromised.
  • DON’T swarm around cars when approaching an intersection – think of the bunch as a single vehicle
  • IF you are feeling tired or having some medical problems at any point on the ride it is your responsibility to quickly and safely bring this to the attention of the ride leader – the ride will be stopped an assessment will be made to ensure your safety and those around you are not compromised – you will not be left on your own.
  • We operate a ‘NO-DROP’ ride policy.