Our story

Born on Sydney's Eastern Beaches in 1975, "MAROUBRA CYCLES" has been a local institution for over 40 years.

Generations of Sydney-siders have bought their first bike here, had their thrusty steed brought back to life in the workshop, or simply dropped by for a coffee and highly-spirited conversation.

Some even ended up buying the store - but that's a longer and equally true story...


Nowadays its 'MC Cyclery' or simply MC - a lot of stuff has changed since the 70s (the decor for one), but a few very important things remain the same:

We always pride ourselves on going out of our way to take care of our customers.

We always offer great value for money.

We love riding our bikes - all day every day.



If you're ever in the 'hood, drop by the store and say hello.

And if you see us out on the road, join in with a coffee after the ride - we'd love to meet you!