Pay it forward

We care at MC.

We care about our fellow riders and look after each other on and off the road.

We care about our local community.

We care about our environment.

And we care about those less fortunate than ourselves.

Here is what we do about it.

Recycling your used tyres & tubes

Each year in Australia, about 48 million tyres reach the end of their life, and only 16% of these are domestically recycled. Each passenger car tyre contains approximately 1.5kg of steel, 0.5kg of textiles and 7 kg of rubber. About 66% of used tyres in Australia end up in landfill, are stockpiled, illegally dumped or have an unknown fate. (Source)

This is a massive waste and terrible for our environment.

While there is clearly more impact from motor tyres than bicycles, we believe we can do our part as cyclists. At MC we collect end-of-life tyres and tubes from the workshop for recycling and extend this to customers to drop off used tyres and tubes that we will take to local recycling. We have collection tubs in store for recycling tyres and tubes - don't throw them out!

End-of-life tyres and tyre-derived products can be put to productive re-use, such as:

  • The manufacture of new rubber products
  • Road construction and surfacing
  • Alternative fuel source for producers of energy and cement
  • Brake pads and other rubber products.

Africa can use your unwanted cycling kit!

What we do know as regular and fortunate cyclists, is that we have good quality kit to ride in, and over time, with purchases and sportifs, we have suddenly collected a pile of unused and unwanted kit.  

Did you know there are many keen cyclists in Africa, but often without equipment and ride clothing? Initiatives such as Qhubeka have brought bike donation and associated fundraising to the mainstream, a profile helped through Africa's Team.

At MC we are proud to connect these two things.

The beauty of this opportunity to give back, is that anyone can contribute. If you ride with us regularly, or even if you don't, you are welcome to participate in this by providing us with your unwanted kit (ideally in sizes small-medium). Drop your kit (decent quality and ensure is clean-washed) in the tubs provided in the store, and MC will get it to Africa for good re-use.